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Kawalees: Part II (Microtonal Piano Solo)

Ⓒ Udo Siegfriedt/CTM 2019 Ⓒ Udo Siegfriedt/CTM 2019

Developing modernist, contemporary and avant-garde approaches to the oud and the Arabic maqam system (the modes of Arabic music), Kawalees is Allami’s latest multi-part solo project. Part I explores the exaggeration of micro-sounds and gestures associated with the oud and its performance techniques, magnifying them with an electroacoustic instrument and manipulating them with live digital processing.

Allami fragments and distorts traditional approaches to the Arabic maqam system through unconventional melodic improvisation, yielding a familiar yet abstract language that is expressive of the current age while maintaining its characteristic identity.

Premiered 31 Jan 2019 at CTM Festival, Berlin, DE

Kawalees parts I & II were created with the support of a production grant from AFAC- Arabic Fund for Arts and Culture.

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