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A Universe Not Made For Us (2019)

Live performance for Dance, Zapateado, Oud, Percussion, Electronics by Yalda Younes and Khyam Allami

Choreography / Dance: Yalda Younes
Composition / Live Music: Khyam Allami

“It is a law of nature that earth, and all other bodies, should remain in their proper places and be moved from them only by violence.”
― Aristotle, Physics

“The emerging picture of the early Solar System, does not resemble a stately progression of events designed to form the Earth. Instead, it looks as if our planet was made, and survived, by mere lucky chance, amid unbelievable violence. Our world does not seem to have been sculpted by a master craftsman. Here too, there is no hint of a universe made for us.”
― Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot

“For the house is constructed in a way that no echo can be lost.”
― Kenneth Grant, Outside the Circles of Time

Co-produced in partnership with: AFAC - Arab Fund for Arts and Culture / Ashkal Alwan, Beirut, LB / Le Quartz Centre National De Brest, FR

Premier Feb 2019, DansFabrik Festival, Le Quartz, Brest, FR

In the global context of chronic depression and massive political failures that the world is facing today, one can only start expanding one’s views and perspectives through a quest for a deeper understanding. The attention is drawn inwards, into the deepest realms, as well as outwards, beyond our little circle of existence.

We look at the past and wonder about (im)possible futures, in order to know better how to act on the present. We stare at the sky in wonder and contemplate this magnificent planet, and the amazing capacity of destruction of the human beings inhabiting it. We gather courage and strength to study our darkest shadows, hoping to understand ourselves and others, and improve our relationships. We meditate on our thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions, we question and re-question, longing to break this endless cycle of suffering.

Contemporary flamenco dancer Yalda Younes and multi-instrumentalist Khyam Allami explore different realms of the mind from an imaginary point in space, outside the circles of time, remembering that we are a consequence, and not the cause, nor the centre, of the universe.

Utilizing the fundamental principles of attraction and repulsion, gravity and weightlessness, energy and lethargy, movement and stillness, Younes and Allami seek to explore a turbulent point in our history where elements of the personal shape-shift and intertwine with those of the collective. 
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