2020 12 16 • Beirut & Beyond Musicians Support Programme

In the first weeks after the disastrous explosion in Beirut, I sat down with the team of Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival to think of ways to help the musicians and the music scene in the city. After many long discussions we decided to create a support program that was both inventive and unprecedented, a program that would provide both immediate and long-term career support.

As a whole, the program will provide paid commissions for new previously unrecorded works, financial support for recording and mixing, cover mastering costs and release the new works internationally on a digital only compilation album.

But most importantly, the program will cover the registration fees and provide the administrative support needed to register the selected musicians and their entire catalogue of works with the French performance royalties organisation SACEM so they can collect their due royalties from their works for the rest of their careers.

Our ideas were received with much enthusiasm from partners and supporters of the festival, and following some fundraising events we launched the open call last week.

The Beirut and Beyond Musicians Support Programme is funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Beirut, the Beirut-focused fundraisers organised by Oslo World and Theatre de la Ville, and SACEM France.

All the details and the link to apply are in the link below. The deadline for applications is 28 Dec 2020.

We made our best efforts to keep the application as simple as possible.

Please, check the details of the program, share the link and help us spread the word.


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