2021 01 22 • Apotome x CTM Festival

I am delighted to announce the launch of Apotome, my collaboration with Counterpoint the creative studio of Tero Parviainen and Samuel Diggins as part of CTM Festival’s virtual 2021 pandemic edition themed »Transformation«.

“Apotome” is the catch-all title for a transcultural music project by Khyam Allami and Counterpoint, based on two browser-based non-commercial applications, launched in myriad forms at Berlin's CTM Festival 2021.

Apotome is a generative music system focused on transcultural tunings and their subsets (scales/modes). Itlaunches alongside its sister application Leimma which allows for the exploration and creation of such tunings.

These applications are an effort to highlight the cultural asymmetries, biases and non-neutrality inherent in modern music-making tools, alongside their interconnected web of musical, educational, cultural, social and political ramifications. They are attempts to create decolonised, digital music-making tools that facilitate the exploration of musical cultures long repressed by Western music theory, modern music technology and the hegemony of 12-tone equal temperament.

For more about Apotome related events at CTM 2021 please click here.

To access Leimma and Apotome please visit https://apotome.ctm-festival.de

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